In accordance with the legislation in force, you have the right to access, oppose, rectify, delete and limit the processing of your personal data.

- Data relating to your personal information

This is information concerning you as a natural or legal person, which you have voluntarily communicated to Envie d’Albanie via the various means of communication and which is essential for the preparation of your travel file (such as in particular your surname, first name, e-mail address, telephone number, postal address, date of birth, etc.).

Information can only be provided to Envie d’Albanie when you use our email as a means of communication. For any contact on your part, by telephone or in an agency, your advisor will provide you with the essential information he needs.

This information is essential for the processing of your travel claims, which unfortunately cannot be processed in the absence of this information.

- Data relating to the personal information of third parties

As part of your request for a quote and subsequent to your registration, you have the possibility of providing the contact details of one or more other persons (other participants in the trip, person to notify in case of emergency, etc.).

The data of the other persons provided will only be used by Envie d’Albanie to process a request for a quote, a registration or in case of emergency.

You therefore guarantee Savatours that the other persons whose data you provide are informed of this transmission concerning them and accept it.

- Cases of minors

The various means of communication are not intended for use by minors without the consent of their parents or guardians. A minor of at least 16 years of age may request an option or a request for a quote to organise a trip and provide the personal data necessary for this purpose. Envie d’Albanie will endeavour to verify the age of the minor, taking into account the information provided and the technological means available. Under no circumstances may the minor finalize, validate and pay for the trip without the consent of the holder of parental authority.

Envie d’Albanie makes a reasonable effort to verify that consent is given or authorised by the holder of parental authority over the minor, taking into account the available technological means.

- The health

Envie d’Albanie may collect data of particular categories such as health data (disability, allergy or special conditions) and indirectly to know the religion, beliefs or personal convictions of the persons concerned, although this collection is never direct and is only made by deduction (case of diet). These data are collected only for the purpose of organising the transport and travel of the data subject and will not be used in any other way.

  • Législation

In Albania, data protection is governed by the following laws and texts:

Constitution of the Republic of Albania

Law N° 9887, dated 10.03.2008 on personal data protection (The Law) as amended

Decision of the Parliament N° 211, dated 11.09.2008 on the appointment of the Commissioner for the protection of personal data

Decision of the Parliament N° 225, dated 13.11.2008 on approving of the structure, staff and classification of the working position in the office of the Commissioner for the protection of the personal data

Decision of the Commissioner for the protection of the personal data N° 8, dated 31.10.2016 on the countries with an adequate level of protection for personal data as amended

Decision of the Commissioner for the protection of the personal data N° 4, dated 27.12.2012 on exceptions to the obligation to notify the processing of personal data

Decision of the Commissioner for the protection of the personal data N° 2, dated 10.03.2010 on determination of procedures for registration administration of data and their recording procession and extraction as amended