With more than 15 years of experience,

Envie d’Albanie stands out regionally as one of the leading travel companies in the Balkans. Whether it is tailored for groups, couples, itinerants, discoverers, enthusiasts, whether it is thematic or custom-designed, whether it is sporty or relaxing, it is addressed to all of those who have the desire to live a unique adventure. Our job is to provide quality travel services and advices. Our added value, combined with the professionalism of our specialists, allows travelers to experience fully and without worries an expectation.

Present in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia,

Envie d’Albanie is able to respond to all proposals. Rely on our creations, modify the program at your convenience, or participate in the assembly of your customized trip, Envie d’Albanie cultivates the difference, seeks innovation and will guide you to discover all the richness and particularities of the country or countries that you are interested in.

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Our advisers, travelers in the soul, know the Balkans in every detail. They will guide you in your decision. Endowed with a great capacity of adaptation, reactive, inventive, multilingual, the living atlas that is the guide, will be your best ally and guarantor of a deep and true discovery of your destination.

Working for the policy of the magic of travel, for a turnkey journey, of flawless services, our goal is to bring the traveler out of the clichés and to make sure that he meets the splendor of the real, a journey stitched of beautiful moments, beautiful encounters and rare and precious emotions.