The mountain cannot be controlled, it only may be tamed. Nevertheless, its environment remains a hostile if it is not approached with respect and humility.
With a destination that is increasingly in demand, it is advisable to adopt the right behavior and reflexes, whatever the season, in order to enjoy your stay in complete serenity.

Plan your trip in advance.


- A backpack

- A hat or cap

- A pair of sunglasses adapted to your needs

- T-shirts to wick away sweat

- A warm garment

- Protective clothing type K-Way

- Trousers or shorts

- Hiking boots (not new to avoid blisters or any type of warm-up)

- Hiking socks

- A pair of walking sandals to rest the feet during the evenings of stops

- A pair of lightweight gloves

- Walking sticks

- Hygienic products

- A survival blanket

- A gourd of about 1.5l

- A knife

- A lighter

- A mosquito repellent spray

- Sunscreen cream

- A first aid kit

Health and safety

- Feel free to have a medical check-up before you leave

- Make sure you are in good physical shape for the course you have considered

- You have a problem along the way, talk to your friends and family, to your guide.

- Learn to manage your efforts while walking

- Stop and recover as many times as necessary

- Quickly treat your blisters

- Your safety and well-being must be a priority.

- Respect the instructions that can be given to you before your departure and in any case, those of your guide.


- Be responsible

- Respect your environment, local populations, other members of the group and your guide